Acquisition of the Cabaïa brand

We are delighted to announce our latest acquisition at MARY IMPORT, that of the Cabaïa brand, for distribution in Canada (January 2024). Cabaïa is a French accessories brand, founded in Paris in 2015, whose popularity continues to grow. It is therefore with great pleasure that our Canadian customers will be able to purchase Cabaïa brand products at MARY IMPORT.

A few characteristics of the brand:

– A Parisian brand founded by Bastien Valensi and Emilien Foiret.

– Cabaïa is the unique story of a French brand of ingenious, creative and durable accessories, created to free everyone from the constraints of everyday life.

– The brand’s mission? To transform everyday life into an adventure, and enable everyone to assert their individuality.

– Cabaïa offers ingenious accessories that respect animals and the planet.

– The brand has gained popularity thanks to its customizable bag concept, with interchangeable pockets.

– Another great thing about Cabaïa backpacks is their lifetime guarantee.